This post would demo how to solve the “stuck problem” of the rbenv install process, eg. When you input this command to install ruby:

rbenv install 2.5.1

After waiting for a long time(some minutes) , you would get this:

Installing ...
Generating RI format into /tmp/ruby-build.20180414142048.32033/ruby-2.5.1/.ext/rdoc...
make: *** [rdoc] Killed

BUILD FAILED (CentOS 6.8 using ruby-build 20180329-3-g4dac7b1)

ok, let’s begin to solve this.


  • rbenv 1.1.1-30-gc8ba27f with plugin ‘ruby-build’ installed
  • OS CentOS 6.8

    How to debug it

    You can recognize that there is too little information to debug this problem, so we can turn on the verbose mode like this:

rbenv install --verbose 2.5.1

Then there would be much more information to help us to debug the problem , and we would still get this:

Generating RI format into /tmp/ruby-build.20180414142048.32033/ruby-2.3.7/.ext/rdoc...
make: *** [rdoc] Killed

Problem solving

the rdoc problem is occurred when you enable the ruby doc installation. So we can disable the doc install like this:

Execute the following command in your environment:

export RUBY_CONFIGURE_OPTS=--disable-install-doc

And then re-install the ruby

rbenv install --verbose 2.5.1

Everything would be ok like this:

Installed ruby-2.5.1 to /root/.rbenv/versions/2.5.1

You can find detail documents about the ruby here: