Android monitor missing in android studio

1. Introduction

When you want to open android monitor in android studio 3.0+, you may find that you can not find it. So, where is the missing android monitor?

2.1 The android monitor is deprecated

According to the android documents:

Android Device Monitor is a standalone tool that provides a UI for several Android app debugging and analysis tools.

However, most components of the Android Device Monitor are deprecated in favor of updated tools available in Android Studio 3.0 and higher

You can see that the android device monitor is deprecated, some of its functions can be replaced with the counterparts in android studio 3.0+.


2.2 How to open the android monitor in android studio 3.0+

If you still want to use it,you can do as follows:

  • goto your android-sdk home directory
  • goto ./tools/
  • run the monitor command in the tools directory

You can get the android device monitor logo: android_missing_android_monitor2

The android device monitor : android_missing_android_monitor3

3. Summary

The android device monitor is deprecated and you can use the new functions in android studio to replace it.