How to add watermark to gif pictures without using python?

1. Introduction

This post would introduce a method of adding watermark to a gif picture without using python.

Normally, if you want to add watermark to a static picture file , e.g. the .png/.jpg files, you can refer to this article.

2. The ways I have tried

I have tried to add watermark to gif picture with python like this:

from PIL import Image
import sys
import images2gif as i2g

images = i2g.readGif('gifs_origin/test.gif', False)
watermark ="logo.png") # the logo.png is the waterwark picture

for i in images: i.paste(watermark, (1, 1))
i2g.writeGif('gifs_watermarked/test_out.gif', images, 0.5)

After solving the python3 compatible problem and running the above code ,I only got a static white backgroud picture. :(

3. Another solution to do this job

You can do as follows:

  • prepare a watermark file
  • start recording you vedio as gif file
  • show your watermark picture file at the end of the vedio
  • save your vedio as gif file

Then we get this gif: image_desc

Is it good? I like it.

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