Useful IntelliJ plugins for java developers 1 (.ignore)

1. Introduction

From this post, I would show you some of the useful IntelliJ IDEA plugins for java developers.

2.1 The .ignore plugin introduction


2.2 How to install this plugin

  • Install the plugin online:
    • Preferences > Plugins > Browse repositories… > Search for “.ignore”
  • Install Plugin Manually:
    • Download the latest release and install it manually using Preferences > Plugins > Install plugin from disk…
  • Restart IDE.

2.3 How to use this plugin

Check this gif picture for a clear view: howtouseignore

You just right click at the project and select create ignore file from the context menu, then you can create many kinds of ignore files :

  • .gitignore (Git)
  • .hgignore (Mercurial)
  • .npmignore (NPM)
  • .dockerignore (Docker)
  • .chefignore (Chef)
  • .cvsignore (CVS)
  • .bzrignore (Bazaar)
  • .boringignore (Darcs)
  • .mtn-ignore (Monotone)
  • ignore-glob (Fossil)
  • .jshintignore (JSHint)
  • .tfignore (Team Foundation)
  • .p4ignore (Perforce)
  • .flooignore (Floobits)
  • .eslintignore (ESLint)
  • .cfignore (Cloud Foundry)
  • .jpmignore (Jetpack)
  • .stylelintignore (StyleLint)
  • .stylintignore (Stylint)
  • .swagger-codegen-ignore (Swagger Codegen)
  • .helmignore (Kubernetes Helm)
  • .upignore (Up)
  • .prettierignore (Prettier)
  • .ebignore (ElasticBeanstalk)

You can also click at any of your project files to add specific file to the ignore rules: howtouseignore2

3. Summary

The .ignore plugin help you create ignore files with templates. It’s helpful for many of us.