1. The purpose of this post

Sometimes, we package the springboot applications as one single executable jar file and deploy it to the server. We start the jar as follows:

java -jar myapp-exec.jar

But when we want to stop it or restart it, we need to do follows:

ps -ef|grep java # find the pid of the app
kill -9 <thepid>

This work is a bit cumbersome,today, I would demo the linux shell commands to kill or restart springboot executable jar applications, you can use one-command to kill or restart the app.

2. Environments

  • SpringBoot 1.x or 2.x

3. The commands

3.1 Kill the SpringBoot App

If your springboot jar file name is myapp-exec.jar, kill it as this:

kill $(ps aux | grep 'myapp-exec.jar' | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}')

Save the above script as stop.sh

3.2 Start the SpringBoot App in background

To start the app in background, you can use the nohup commmand:

nohup java -jar myapp-exec.jar > nohup.out &

Save the above script as start.sh

3.2 Restart the SpringBoot App

Now you can open an editor to create a file named restart.sh to do the restart job:

echo 'stop the app...'
echo 'stopped'
sleep 2
echo 'start the app...'
echo 'started'

Save the above script as restart.sh