others-How to support export to word by using typora?

How to support export to word by using typora ?


When you want to export your markdown file to microsoft office word document, you may get this error:

export to word is not supported yet.


In Typora, import function and export function for some file formats (including docx, odt, rtf, epub, LaTeX and wiki) are powered by a 3rd party software named Pandoc. Those features requires Pandoc (≥ v1.16) to be installed.

Please note that install Pandoc is optional for Typora, if you do not need those advanced import/export support in typora, then you do not have to install Pandoc on your computer.


You should install pandoc in your computer.

  • Download a package installer from pandoc’s download page, open it and follow the instructions for installation

  • for mac:

    brew install pandoc


After Pandoc is installed, then you could import supported file types by clicking File -> Import from menubar, or simple drag and drop a file into typora. Export function is also fully functional from menubar. Pandoc will run in backgrounds for those tasks and then exit automatically, so you may not feel it.