others-Some questions and answers of web3

1. Purpose

Web3 is trending , I collected some information to describe what is web3, why is it so important, what’s the relationship between web3 and blockchain and so on.

2. The questions and answers of web3 technology

1) What’s the definition of web3

Web3 is an idealistic utopia of the decentralized Internet that is based on blockchain technology, which will subvert the monopoly of the Internet by technology giants such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

Web3 is a way for the blockchain to connect visually to the front-end interfaces people use every day.

2) What’s the difference between web 3 and web 2/1?

In the Web 1.0 stage, users are pure content consumers. The content is provided by the website. You can see what the website allows you to watch. A typical example is a news portal.

In the Web 2.0 stage, users are content producers, and a website is just a platform that provides users with services. A typical Web 2.0 platform is Wikipedia.

Many features of Web3 are not yet clear, but many foreign articles believe that it is related to blockchain

Web 1.0 means that users read from the Internet, Web 2.0 means that users write to the Internet, and Web3 means that users live on the Internet.

The web3’s website not only provides services, but is also a living space, and part of people’s lives can be completed online. Study on educational sites, have meetings on conference sites, make friends on social networking sites, and have fun on gaming sites. All websites together form an all-encompassing online world.

If all the life functions of the website can be connected together, allowing users to seamlessly enter another scene from one scene, it will constitute a virtual world. This is probably what the recently popular metaverse looks like. At that stage, users no longer visit the website, but enter the virtual world and live a virtual online life.

3) What’s the books and resources to learn web3?

I recommend this website to get resources to learn web3:

https://www.useweb3.xyz/ a curated overview of the best and latest resources on Ethereum, blockchain and Web3 development. Learn through tutorials, courses, books, videos, games, challenges, or,

4) Why is it important to decentralize the web?

Obviously, such a virtual world cannot be monopolized by one or several giants, otherwise we will rely on these giants and have to abide by its rules. When your life is in the virtual world, one day the giant suddenly decides to close your account, won’t your virtual life come to an abrupt end!

This is why many people have suggested that Web3 should be distributed. This has two meanings:

(1) It is not centralized, so no single company can control it; (2) There are multiple providers for any kind of service, and they are connected through a distributed agreement, and users can transfer from one provider to another at a very small cost.

one, your data is yours, you choose what can be done with it

Two, censorship will be harder to implement. Mainstream media won’t be able to change old articles to better fit their agenda.What’s on the blockchain is on the Blockchain

Three - The tracking of your money is feasible. If you are donating to someone (politician, charity, etc.) you can ACTUALLY follow the money.

5) Why is web3 depends on blockchain?

If Web3 is determined to be distributed, then the blockchain is simply a natural infrastructure. Because the blockchain is an implementation of a distributed database, it is distributed in itself, and once the information is on the chain, it cannot be modified.

This solves the core problem of Web3: data exchange between different websites. Different websites can freely read and write the data of the same user, and these data can be trusted, so as to ensure that users enter another website as if they enter a different area of the same world.

Once Web3 is built on the blockchain, according to the design of the blockchain, users need to have a digital wallet, which is your ID card and bank account in the virtual world. Your identity, property, and consumption are all identified through this digital wallet. The website uses the ID of the digital wallet to identify who you are.

On the other hand, with the digital wallet, banking and finance have become virtual, which makes the virtual world more like the real world.

6) Why is web3 so important?

If everyone, all items, and all transactions are registered on the blockchain, the gameplay of Web3 based on it is simply endless, which is unimaginable now. The possibilities of the virtual world are 100 times and 1000 times more than the real world.

It is only the initial stage of Web3, the infrastructure has not yet been completed, and the gameplay is still being explored, but it is progressing very fast. Countless innovations and opportunities should be born in this field, which deserve close attention.

3. Summary

In this post, I illustrated some information of web3, the trending metaverse technology. That’s it, thanks for your reading.