others-how to find successful delivery logs in poste.io server?

1. Purpose

In this post, I will show you how to find successful delivery logs in poste.io.

1.1 What is poste.io?

First of all, you need to know that you can have your own domain name suffix email, custom email address, admin, root, and info are all used casually by building a corporate email. Poste.io official website: https://poste.io/ Documentation: https://poste.io/doc/ .

Poste.io is an email server solution designed to provide a simple and secure email system. It provides a complete mail server stack including mail transfer agent (MTA), mail transfer agent (IMAP/POP3) and mail filters. Poste.io is designed to be easy to deploy and manage, and suitable for individual users, small businesses, and small to medium organizations.Poste.io provides an intuitive web interface that allows users to easily set up and manage their mail server. It supports multiple domain names and user accounts, and provides features such as user management, email filtering, spam and virus detection. In addition, Poste.io integrates a web-based email client, enabling users to access and send emails through a web browser.

1.2 How to install poste.io?

First you should get a server and a domain name, then you can start it using docker:

docker run \
    --net=host \
    -e TZ=Europe/Prague \
    -v /home/mail:/data \
    --name "mailserver" \
    -h "mail.*.com" \
    -t analogic/poste.io

After successfully starting the poste.io server, how to check if a mail is successfully sent via it?

2. Solution

Ok, just follow theses steps:

  1. find the tx id
    check log files in log/delivery

Then you will get an id like this: ‘2024D48C-0B3A-4C3F-BFD8-68DD66AD32E1.1’

  1. find the id in the del folder in log/delivery
    [root@mx delivery]# find ./del -name "2024D48C-0B3A-4C3F-BFD8-68DD66AD32E1.1*"
    [root@mx delivery]# cat ./del/2/0/2024D48C-0B3A-4C3F-BFD8-68DD66AD32E1.1.results
    {"type":"bounced","date":"2023-07-20T03:01:05.253Z","data":{"err":"554 Blocked - see https://ipcheck.proofpoint.com/?ip=","mx":{"exchange":"mxa-00220e05.gslb.pphosted.com","priority":10,"family":"A","bind_helo":"mx.tesz.com"}}}

3. Summary

In this post, I demonstrated how to get find the delivery log of a mail in poste server, the key is to find the tx id of the log ,then check it in the log/delivery directory. That’s it, thanks for your reading.